Education Development Tanzania

Education Development Tanzania (EDT) is a Non Government Organization with a charitable purpose, and we work for development of children and young peoples learning, well-being as well as development of day care institutions and schools in specific areas of Tanzania. Read more about EDT.

EDT’s activities in Tanzania are described in 4 programs.

  1. Volunteer program
  2. Program for development of day care institutions and schools
  3. Program for Donations and Sponsorships
  4. Study Tour program

You  can read more about EDT’s programs and action plans.


Immediately we are looking for a sponsorship for Winner Peter Scanda for payment of the fee to her schooling at NtuNtu Ace Day Care Center of the northern part of Dar es Salaam. Read more

Upcoming Projects.

Kivule Integrated Child Health and Education Project

KICHEP is an integrated child development program that targets poor and marginalized children from zero to six years and their mothers. Read more about the program


Together with the NGO “Village to Village” we collaborate to develop a capacitybuildingprogram for the the primary and the secondaty school in the village Oldonywas.  Read more about the program