Som frivillig kan du søge om et ophold på en af nedenstående institutioner.

Du kan desuden få en oversigt over vores øvrige partnerskaber her. 

MWACI. Lengilorit, Modulli district, Arusha

The Village Lengilorit is located in Moduli district around 70 km south of the city Arusha. 

Read more about the opportunities to become a volunteer in the village Lengilorit with the NGO – MWACI

1. Volunteer oppotunity in Lengolorit Primary School. Read more

2.  MWACI . The Maasai Women And Children Initiatives. Read more.

Kids Heaven Daycare and Pre-school, Tageta Wazo, Dar es Salaam

Inclusive education is defined as an education system that ensures that all students, regardless of their abilities, culture and economic level, have the same opportunities and options to actively participate in school activity, We Kids Heaven daycare and pre-school our main agenda is to minimize the risk of exclusion and fulfilling the educational objectives. Inclusion is a process of addressing the needs of all students by increasing participation in learning, providing changes in strategies and content, making them appropriate for students .

Read more about Kids Heaven Daycare and Pre-School

Instagram: kidsheavendaycare

Silver Bells Day Care Center, Arusha

In the year 2020 Silver Bells Day Care Center came as a result of our late Mother’s constructive idea and a huge support from our late Father. She had a dream and a fervent belief that quality education should be the right to all children primarily from the lower to higher levels. Silver Bells Daycare Center is located at Sanawari area, Arusha. 

Read more about Silver Bells Day Care Center.

Instagram: Silverbellsdaycarecenter


Sasa Foundation, Moshono, Arusha

Sasa Foundation is located in Moshono in Arusha. Their central task is to support young women and their children. They have two women’s groups attached to the center. They offer them smaller courses such as English and Marketing. They have six programs. EDT volunteers will be assigned to three or more of these programs.

  1. Daycare Center(s)
  2. Vocational and Skills Training
  3. Open Healthcare Day
  4. Life Skills Girls & Boys
  5. Outreach

You can read more about the programs and SASA Foundation in generel on the web. 


Instagram: foundationsasawoman


Panda Initiatives, Dar es Salaam

Panda Initiatives is an  Early Childhood Development Center with children from 0 to 6 years old. Read more about Panda Initiatives.

Panda Initiatives is also the initiator of a major project “Kivule Integrated Child Health and Education Project”, an integrated child development programme aimed at poor and marginalised children from zero to six years of age and their mothers. As a volunteer, you will become part of this project. Read more. 

Facebook: Panda Initiatives

Web: Panda Initiatives  

New Hope Community Development Organisation, Salasala, Dar es Salaam


       New Hope Academy and Day Care Center is the name of center for Children Protection Project which has established in 2014 from the result of the research conducted by the New Hope Community Development Organization.

Read more about  New Hope Community Development Organisation

Tumaini Children Home, Mtu Wa Mbu, Arusha

OUR Children

Tumaini Home is a small and safe organization doing everything we can in our work for the children. Children and teenagers live in our home. They all have different stories, but together we are one family. 

Our home is built to taylor different forms of handicaps and illnesses, and is filled with people doing their best to offer assistance to those who need it. In addition of being a children’s home, we are a day care centre for children with mental handicaps, we support children living at home with education, we help children and teenagers seek medical help and we create places of employment. 

NtuNtu Ace Day Care Center, Dar es Salaam

NtuNtu Ace Day Care Center employs instructed play to nurture children’s physical growth, creativity, imagination, academic and social skills. NtuNtu Ace Day Care Center understands that children love to play, and leverages on instructed play to make children love maths, science, reading, writing, art and music. Read more

Facebook: NtuNtu Ace Daycare Center

Instagram: ntuntuacedaycare


Tuisheme Pre & Primary School, Arusha

Tuisheme Pre & Primary School in Arusha is located in the sothern part of Arusha in the area of Njiro.

Read more about Tuisheme Pre & Primary School

Smart GEF Center, Dar es Salaam

Smart GEF Center is a newly established Day Care Center and is focused on providing an excellent quality pre-school educational foundation for your child that is unmatched. We provide a structured setting and use the latest technical early learning programs to facilitate a unique learning opportunity through fun games, interactive exploration and imagination in an excellent spacious and engaging environment. By doing so, we develop confident, self –aware and independent children with a bright future and a passion to learn. Read more about Smart GEF Center

Instagram: smartgef_daycare_pre_school


Ben Bella Academy, Day Care & Pre Primary School, Arusha

Ben Bella Academy, Day Care & Pre Primary School. 

The school is fully registered under  under the Ministry of Education. 

The school is located in Arusha at Njiro adjacent VETA Hotel and Turisme Training Institute.

Læs mere on Ben Bella Academy


Trez Hota Day Care center, Dar es Salaam

TREZ HOTA DAY CARE is located at Kunduchi Mtongani in the northern part of Dar es Salaam.

Motto: Be kind, be friendly and help each others. Read more about Trez Hota Day Care

Instagram account:  trezhota__daycare

Salt Center, Dar es Salaam

Salt Center is located in the Kimara district of Dar es Salaam. SALT stands for Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques, and the site is owned by Rebecca Lebi, who is also the manager. It is a centre for disabled children and right now there are 25 children but a waiting list of 276 children. It says a little about the need, but perhaps also something about the unique work the 7 employees do.

Read more about the Salt Center

Instagram: saltvtc

Facebook: Rebecca Lebi

The Strides Academy, Day Care Center, Arusha

The Strides Academy: We are excited to introduce The Strides Academy Day Care Center located at Njiro Engutoto ward near Serengeti street, opposite TEMDO in Arusha District and Arusha Region in Tanzania.

The daycare center is equipped to provide quality care to children between the ages of 1-5 years old. Every fundamental that your child is guided to learn is taught with the purpose of preparing them to win in the world and to have a blast while doing it. Read more about the Strides Academy

Instagram: stridesdaycarecenter

Tumaini Junior Pre & Primary School, Karatu

Welcome to Tumaini Junior Pre & Primary School

Tumaini Junior School, our first school, started in 2004 with 17 students in the living room of Tumaini Schools Co-founders, Modest and Lightness Bayo. Today, Tumaini Junior School has over 800 students, 500-day students and 300-boarding. Tumaini Junior School is an English Medium primary School, where English is the language of instruction from the earliest grade. Read more about Tumaini Pre & Orimary School


Facebook: Tumaini Junior (School Karatu)